I have a confession to make
It’s not a big deal, no need to go to church
You see, the other night I was still awake
I went online and do some social research
Some may call it stalk
I call it pursuing comprehension
Cause you, new kid on the block
Has stolen my attention
I’m no Elliot Alderson
Who will hack you in enormous amount
Just a regular person
Peeping through your Instagram account
I see what I wanna see
Some photos, interests and location
And it hit me, like drifted in the sea
I see more than my initial intention
I see too many, I see too much
Like your existence has been next to mine
But is it really too much
When all I did was scrolling your timeline?
My social research has led to an analysis
The consequence of this digital era
I see how vulnerable a person is
Being seen through the social media
I feel like a creep, like a weirdo
For trying to know you slightly over the line
But you too, you’re a creep, you’re a weirdo
For sharing TMI, trusting your life on the line

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