long time no write

It’s been sometimes that I last wrote down things popping up in my head – if not in my heart, online.  I feel like loosing my courage to show my childish, egocentric, fragile, idealistic, naive, solitude whatsoever state of mind to others (who care enough to read).
But, look at me now writing – or typing to be exact – words by words on a notepad window (yes, I am that kind of person drafting things first before executing them).
Admittedly, I have longed to blog – and I mean a real blog, unlike notes @ facebook – ever since my last blog post back in 2007.  (Geez.. 2007?!)
I must thank someone who asked for my wordpress account address.  I once said to her I had one, but no post yet.  So, in return, I asked hers.  She also has one – already with posts, of course; but hesitates to tell me her account address unless we exchange URLs under one condition – mine should have post!
So.. I now pronounce this as my first post @ wordpress.  (Yippie.. I’m back to the blogosphere :D)

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