On (Puppy) Love

Dear you,

I supposed you have already felt what is called as a puppy love. He’s a nice smart boy, right? ;)

Spoiler alert: By now, he becomes a resident doctor at a local hospital. He’s in a relationship, but not with you. And you’re cool with that, because, by now, you have got over him long time ago. Because he’s just your another puppy love.

You will find yourself fall for more boys, and later more men. And at times you may think that you are prone to fall for the wrong guys. Don’t be bitter. They were and are never wrong guys. And it’s never wrong places nor wrong times. And at times you may think that you have enough of falling in love. Don’t be bitter. You will realize that being in love makes you a brighter person.

In times you will meet this significant guy and you thought “I want to grow old with him.” That’s okay, you could always grow old with him as friends, because friendship grows with love too.

I don’t have all the wisdom on love, but I know these things are true — at least for you and for me.

With love,





Tulisan juga dipublish di kolom Women of Letters untuk UWRF 2014.

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